Cosmic ConneXion®

"Decode  the Universe

The Mission

On the face, Cosmic ConneXion® may seem like just another word search game, but within a half hour, after playing only one game players realize there are many concepts being conveyed. Beginning with the Greek to English conversion, the players will begin to become familiar with these otherwise foreign letters which are widely used in the scientific community. In the beginning of the game, words are difficult to discover, but as the game progresses with the players building the diamond pattern with the letter cards, words begin to emerge rapidly.

Generally, once half the letter cards have been played, all of the value cards have been distributed. From this point forward players who form words are allowed to take value cards acquired by other players. Therefore a large lead is never safe. There is also the sun trump card which has a zero value on it, but can swing the outcome dramatically. Once all 24 Greek letter cards have been played and all the words formed during regular play have been listed, the holder of the sun card enters the bonus round. The holder of the sun card reveals the card and has 1 minute to construct a grammatically correct sentence from the list of words formed to add to their total.

The game itself helps player’s word recognition and sentence creation. Determining score increases player’s math skills. Finally, the values on the celestial point value cards have significance, for instance the solar system cards are numbered relative to their position in the solar system and the constellation cards relative to the degrees they occupy in the sky. In a simple 52 card deck, this game touches all aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as well as astronomy, spelling and grammar. Increasing interest in these areas is our goal.

Benefits include:

Complementing player's English vocabulary
Optimizing player's memory & concentration
Sharpening & enhancing a player's arithmetic skills
Maximizing a player's knowledge of the universe
Improving a player's familiarity with the Greek alphabet
Collecting rewards and having immeasurable FUN!